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    Mel Lam Funeral Director Testimonial profile picture

    Melanie Lam

    Chatswood, NSW

    “I just found out about your website and wanted to thank you for this great work. I am sure that plenty of those who work in the funeral business are good people, but I have heard so many episodes of terrible practices that I wanted to thank you.”

    Jill Harvey Funeral Director Testimonial profile picture

    Jill Harvey

    Randwick, NSW

    “Really delighted for you to place this website and the accompanying database online. It allows grief-stricken family members (like I was) to deal with financial and mental torment post death at the same time. Fantastic work!”

    Kerry Yates Funeral Director Testimonial profile picture

    Kerry Yates

    Kirribilli, NSW

    “Transparency for consumers is always a good thing. Time is not on your side when a death occurs so this website is a great first port of call to quickly assess the funeral services near you. Thanks for creating such a service. Knowledge is power!”

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    Service FeeIncl
    Mortuary CareN/A
    Cremation CoffinN/A
    Venue HireIncl
    Death Cert.N/A
    Cremation FeeN/A
    Cremation Cert.N/A
    Total Est. Cost
    (not inc. cemetery fees)

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